JS, Agent, on behalf of Oliver Granger, Bond for Property in Nauvoo,Before 21 April 1840 when the post office was changed from “Commerce” to “Nauvoo,” the Joseph Smith Papers refers to the town as “Commerce.” However, in this instance, the bond itself says the property is on the plat for the “Town of Nauvoo.” Hancock Co., IL, to William FordThis bond mentions three promissory notes: the first for $30 due on demand, the second for $113 due 1 November 1840, and the third for $112 due 1 November 1844. These notes are not extant. Since the bond is from Oliver Granger (through JS as Agent), presumably the notes would have been directed to Granger, and hence would not be JS documents.

25 September 1839

  • 25 Sept. 1839; JS Collection, CHL; handwriting of James Mulholland; signature of JS.