JS and Others, Mortgage for Property in Kirtland Township, Geauga Co., OH, to Alpheus Russell

10 October 1836

  • 10 Oct. 1836; signed by Emma Smith, JS, Abigail Pettingill Bump, Jacob Bump, Thirza Stiles Cahoon, Reynolds Cahoon; witnessed by Pulaski Cahoon and Arial Hanson; certified by Arial Hanson. Not extant.
  • 14 Oct. 1836; Geauga Co., OH, Deed Record, vol. 22, pp. 367–368, Geauga County Archives and Records Center, Chardon, OH; handwriting of Ralph Cowles.
  • 12 Mar. 1844; Lake Co., OH, Court of Common Pleas, Chancery Record, 1840–1852, vol. B, pp. 105–111, microfilm 378,331, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; handwriting of Charles D. Adams.