Sidney Rigdon as President of Kirtland Safety SocietyThe Kirtland Safety Society changed names at least twice from its founding in fall 1836 until its closure in late summer 1837. Initially designated the Kirtland Safety Society Bank, on 2 January 1837 the structure of the institution changed and it was officially renamed the Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Company. In March 1837 the institution’s name appeared in the LDS Messenger and Advocate as the Kirtland Safety Society Banking Company. In bonds, agreements, and other legal documents the officers of the Safety Society used multiple names interchangeably to reference the institution. Given this degree of complexity and variety, documents relating to the institution in the Calendar of Documents have generally been standardized to “Kirtland Safety Society.” (“Articles of Agreement,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Jan. 1837, 3:441; “Minutes of a Meeting,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Mar. 1837, 3:475.), Receipt, Kirtland Township, Geauga Co., OH, to Bailey J. Hathaway, Monroe, Monroe Co., MI

25 January 1837